I’ve been writing my whole life, beginning with stories I told myself before falling asleep, fine tuning them night after night. When I was ten, I borrowed my parents’ old manual typewriter and, using scratchy math paper from school, put my first story down on paper—a tale of Bigfoot, me, and the Bay City Rollers.

annhall_0219 croppedOver the years, my stories have changed but the basic process is the same: I get an idea, I think about it night after night, and then I write it down. One of those stories turned into a novel, Damaged Goods, that I published through CreateSpace in 2014. My decision to become an indie author arose from my experience researching agents: I quickly realized that to become a traditionally published author, I would need to dedicate myself to the process full time. As a mother and wife working a day job, that was an impossible task. So, I tapped my network of writing and designing friends to help me edit, proofread, and design Damaged Goods as a book worthy of publication.

Through annhallwrites.com, I want to explore my writing process and share my ideas with readers. Sometimes, I write about old memories I can’t shake. Others, I talk through writing tools that help me focus my thoughts. I want to connect with other writers by discussing what matters to them and build a community of people who love the written word as much as I do.

I hope you enjoy my words.

Photo by Stu Rosner