Thirsting for Water

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Breakdown.” Over the years, I’ve broken many habits. That 3:00 p.m. Snickers bar springs to mind. Eating one every day. Every. Day. But overindulgence in delicious caramel and peanuts aside, the habit that most concerns me isn’t one I’d like to break, rather it’s one I need … More Thirsting for Water

Everyday Moments

Stories are full of little details designed to bring the scene to life for readers. A distant sound. The hint of smoke in the air. The sensation of silk on skin. These touches resonate because we’ve all experienced them and if the writing is good enough, we feel them as the characters do, we inhabit … More Everyday Moments

The Harvest

Process. It’s that thing we think about as writers, all the time. When we are starting out, we turn to the professionals, wordsmiths who have seen some success and written about that as well – but as The Process, as though their way is The Way. Many, many, many of them say: write every day. … More The Harvest

Maybe It’s Just a Number, or, How Life Gets in the Way

Sometimes despite my best intentions, blogging needs to take a backseat to the Day Job (more on that in a future post), parenting, or incipient illness. When my life became a perfect storm of all three over the last two weeks, I was tempted to put the writing on the backburner and let things settle … More Maybe It’s Just a Number, or, How Life Gets in the Way